Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Me Again

I just realized, by accident, that I can move the page elements around. Now my Library Thing Random Reads are to the left of my blog entries. I like that much better than at the bottom of the blog.

Thing #11, Part II

Okay, I am finished complaining about library thing. It has taken me, what, almost a month for this latest technology to sink into my brain. I am going to use it. Thanks to another co-worker, I actually learned how to paste html codes into my blog, so I can use the handy technology on the other sites. If you scroll down, you can see random reads from my library. I highly recommend A Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Hosseini and also The Kite Runner.

The Adultery Diet was also hilarious!

Anyway, back to Library Thing. I am going to use it this school year with my girls to mark the books that they are reading. Alot of what I have learned so far in this training has sparked ideas to use at home. Not I just need to figure out if I can print the list of books within Library Thing. Hope another month won't pass (just kidding, tech trainers, I know the clock is ticking!!!!!!)

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Thing #11 Library Thing

I just set up an account. I like the idea of keeping a list of books (this was even recommended in LATI as a way to improve your Readers Advisory skills), but there is a limit of 200 unless you pay for the service. Granted it is only $25.00 for a lifetime subscription which I know is not alot of money, but........

I need to explore this site some more and I am interested in the comments of my fellow HCPL 23 Things participants.

Thanks 23 Things!

A while ago I checked out a book called Blogs, Wikis, Podcasts and Other Powerful Web Tools for Classrooms by Will Richardson. I found it by doing a catalog search for blogs. The book came from HCC. What was so exciting about it was that I actually recognize the technology and could follow along with the discussion of RSS Feeds, Wikis, Flickr, etc. I plan on creating a blog for our homeschool process this year. I also have presented the idea of a group blog & a group FLICKR account to my homeschool group telling them that this would be a good way to scrapbook our fieldtrips.

Everyone is excited.

Thing #6--Mashups

My creation, originally uploaded by knaddaf0.

I have to be honest, if my computer had not automatically done all of the steps necessary for me to do this, I wouldn't have figured it out!!!

I originally made a magazine cover, but could not get the headings on the cover to be any smaller, so I went back and created a trading. All individuals in this picture had given their permission to use this photo.

Can you tell that I like Edgewood???????

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Thing # 10 ---It worked!!!!!!

Now I just need to find out how I can post it someone in the set-up of my blog and not just within a post.

Thing #10--Avatars

Yahoo! Avatars

Well, I already have an avatar that I created in yahoo and which I use in my yahoo mail. My task at hand is to export this avatar and put it in my blog. This is a test, it is only test, in the event of an actual emergency...............no wait, that is something totally different!!!